Brand Overview
Bai is a company that makes great tasting beverages that have very little calories and are made from simple ingredients. This drink is mainly made from the coffee fruit which also produces coffee beans. Until recently, only the beans were used to give people energy, however, Bai decided to use the pulp of that fruit to create their all natural and tasty beverages. Combined with antioxidants and natural sugar, Bai drinks tastes good without sacrificing one’s health. They take pride in the way that they collect their fruits and various exotic flavors from around the world by providing stable. Each flavor is named from the many places where they collect their fruit.
Key words
Healthy, Friendly, Natural
Brand Goals
According to Ben Weiss (Founder of Bai Drinks), consumers are ditching empty calories, but spurning ‘diet’ products, they want natural foods but won’t compromise on flavor or taste, and are in general looking for new, exciting experiences and brands - trends which all benefit Bai.
Companies such as Dr. Pepper Snapple also recognized this potential in healthy beverages such as ready made tea and antioxidant infused water so they bought the company in 2009. Since then, much of their focus has been selling in bulk at Club stores such as Costco and Sam’s Club.
Now, their focus is on convenient stores and other stores such as Target and Walmart. They are providing deals to consumers at smaller amount such as 2 for $4 or 3 for $5 to “drive trial” and get more people interested in their products. This focus on smaller quantities should make it much easier for more people to try out the new product and hopefully become regular customers.
To represent Bai's revolutionary method of creating healthy, natural, and flavorful drinks, I have created a simple scene set with branches full of coffee fruit. The coffee fruit splits into bean and the flesh falls into a Bai bottle. Only a single bottle is shown to represent Bai's recent push to sell them in smaller quantities at stores such as Walmart and Target.
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